Product design mentoring calls with David Portelli

Product design mentoring calls with David Portelli

$100 / 1hr online call


Hi there, I’m a Senior Product Designer with experience in building products, teams as well as consulting for clients.

Throughout my career I’ve worked with companies at various stages of maturity including startups and large public companies, working in areas including the following:

  • Mobile, desktop and tablet experiences.
  • Design systems.
  • Tools including: CMS’s, data aggregators, CRM, task planning, project management.
  • Research including: user testing, competitor analysis, interviewing customers.
  • Payment experiences.
  • Regulatory experiences including: account verification, KYC and limits.
  • Content experiences and content personalisation.
  • Scaling products to new, localised markets.
  • Gamification and loyalty mechanics.
  • Game UI.
  • Conversion funnels: landing pages, sign up flows, user onboarding.
  • Design ops: designing and owning team structures, processes, documentation and facilitation.
  • Design management.

How I can help you

Mentoring calls will be catered to your needs; there are no rules around what we can and can’t discuss. My aim is to help you get to the next level, whatever that may mean for you. Here are a few ways I can help you:

  • Career advice.
  • Portfolio review and strategy coaching.
  • Personal development coaching.
  • Interview strategy coaching.
  • Consultancy coaching.
  • Project feedback.

What to expect from your call

Booking your call is easy: Follow the link below to pay securely, then proceed to choose a slot on my calendar - voila! During our time together we will:

  1. Introduce ourselves.
  2. Outline what you’d like help with.
  3. Get my thoughts, let’s have a dialogue and strategize together.
  4. Draft action points and discuss a follow up if necessary.

$100 / 1hr online call